About Reach NC

Join us in engaging your audience in conversation. Listening matters. Relationships matter.

Reach was built with people at the core. Powered by EdNC.org, the initiative is a platform built on conversation. Reach is designed to connect us to people and people to us. 

For EdNC.org, these tools allow us to discuss issues with people in real time so we can better understand communities across our state by listening deeply.

We would like for as many news organizations, startups, think tanks, nonprofits, and all others who are seeking to build a better world to adopt as many of our ideas (and our technology) as possible in the years ahead.

Due to the generous support of Molly de Aguiar, the News Integrity Initiative, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, we have spent the last two years building technology that has put us on the path to be the best in the world at facilitating community conversations (and really listening!). Along the way, we promised to also build out a playbook for how we do what we do.

Our playbook for change is predicated on dialogue, active listening, building connections, and having real engagement with the communities we serve.

Below, you’ll find the first version of the Reach playbook, which we hope you will put to use in your own work: